Record Your Conversations

Record your calls with the SpoofCard!
The newest trend in fun technology is the SpoofCard, which sounds kind of silly at first glance. While some users will find this technology to be amusing, others will use it for legitimate purposes, which is often the case as consumers accept new gadgets and functions.

The Modern-Day Caller ID Spoof

Back in the way, a few simple key punches would let someone hide their phone number and name from caller ID when making a call. SpoofCard is the modern version of that. Callers can use it to provide their business number when calling from home or simply to play a prank on friends. Callers can set both the 10-digit number as well as the name that appears on screen for incoming calls.

This new technology works with an app that is available for all the major mobile operating systems: Android, Windows, iOS and BlackBerry. Even regular phones work with SpoofCard. After purchasing credits, users have to call the SpoofCard number, enter the number that they wish to call and then enter the number that they wish to appear on caller ID. The service only works when users call from the number registered from their SpoofCard account, however.

While SpoofCard does work on iPhones, the user must have a jailbroken phone to download the app via Cydia as Apple has banned the app from the iTunes store. An official Android app is in the works for folks who own one of those devices.

SpoofCard for Fun

SpoofCard includes several features that make it fun. For example, multiple callers can join the conversation. Plus, callers can change the sound of their voice with this app or add background noises. Those noises can add legitimacy to a prank call.

One interesting feature of this technology is the ability to record phone calls. Of course, users can rely on this to replay conversations for entertainment, but anyone who has difficulty remembering conversations might also find SpoofCard useful for this reason.

The features are available via the mobile site for SpoofCard until the company developers more mobile apps.

The Price to Spoof

Right now, SpoofCard requires users to purchase credits. The packages start at $.9.95 for an hour and go up to $99.95 for 750 minutes. These prices are for calls made to numbers within the United States, and as of the time of publication, SpoofCard is best for American users.

SpoofCard has been featured by a number of journalism and news outlets, but not everyone will have user for a caller ID spoofing service.