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SpoofCard Mobile Apps – What devices does it work with???
Spoofcard is a service that allows you to change your caller ID when you make phone calls. You choose the phone number that the called person sees on their phone and they will never see your real phone number. There are quite a few practical uses for a service such as Spoof Card.

Obviously, pranks and practical jokes are one of the most common reasons why people would use a service that lets you fake your caller ID. This allows you to play jokes on your friends and family members without them knowing who you are. Since you can input any number as the phone number that shows up on the caller ID, you can also use the service to make it appear that you are in a different city. The Spoof Card mobile app has a few other interesting features that can make pranks more fun. It lets you change your voice so the targets of your prank don’t recognize you. It also allows you to add different kinds of background noise (nightclub, traffic, crowd, casino, etc.) to give the impression that you’re somewhere you’re not.

However, Spoofcard isn’t just made for laughs. If you’re a professional, you may sometimes need to get in touch with your clients, vendors or business associates while you’re out of the office. But you may not want them to have your personal phone number. By using Spoofcard, you can set your business number to appear on the caller ID instead. Another useful feature for business use is the ability to record calls. This allows you to have proof if you’ve made any agreements on the phone, such as a product order or a payment arrangement from a client. The ability to record calls also lets you save important information, such as dates and addresses, without having to write them down. This can be quite convenient if you’re talking on the phone while driving.

Currently, the Spoof Card app is available for the iPhone, however due to controversy surrounding the service, it was banned from the official App Store. Therefore, those who wish to use it will need to jailbreak their device and install Cydia. You can then download the app from Cydia.

An Android version is currently being developed and is expected to be released in 2013. In the meantime, those who use an Android device can still use the service by accessing the Spoofcard mobile site using their phone’s browser.