Group Spoofing

What is Group Spoofing with the Spoof Card?
You know some of those old telephone tricks people used to play on their friends, pretending to be from the telephone company, and asking the unsuspecting person on the other end to hold the receiver out the window while they blow out the lines – or asking if their refrigerator is running, and if so, hadn’t they better go catch it, etc… Well, Spoof cards and group spoofing are in a way like a modern technological version of those old jokes! It is one of the newest and latest phone fads, and can be used either on a regular phone or as a mobile app. It can be used to enhance telephone security – or simply as a prank.

Spoof cards are used much like calling cards, but they allow you to change your caller ID, fake your caller ID, or disguise the number you are calling from – AND even to use voice changing technology to change your voice – making a female voice sound like a male, and vice versa. You could pass yourself off as the President, for example.

Group spoofing uses the spoof card to fool more than one person at a time, and adds to the amusement and hilarity. With group spoofing, you can call several different people, and make it appear that you are calling from a different number – and/or that you are actually a different person! And of course, the voice changing possibilities of the program make it even more interesting. Or – you can add another person who can listen in on the conversation and join in the fun. The spoof card is also so set up that you have the possibility of recording your group spoof as well – which you can then play back later.

The way it works with one of the common spoof cards available is – simplistically explained: first, the caller logs in, and goes to an account dashboard. There is a tab entitled “group spoof,” and there are fields to fill in for each number/person that is to be involved. For each phone number called, the instigator chooses the Caller ID that they want the recipient(s) to see. When it is fully set up, a number is dialed on the dashboard, and the spoof card app carries out a group spoof in whatever way the caller has programmed it.

A spoof card can be purchased online for a fee and used from pretty much any location to instigate a group spoof.