Disguise Your Number

How to change your caller ID?
Many people have heard of using SpoofCard to prank call friends and family. However, most do not know that one of the best things about SpoofCard is the fact that it allows men and women to change the number that shows up on caller ID once they call various people. Although changing your caller ID number sounds like complicated work, it is quite simple when you have an easy tool like SpoofCard to do the job. Unfortunately, there are not that many reliable caller ID tools available to change your caller ID number. The SpoofCard website does offer a free trial of their different services before you spend money. In fact, some of the SpoofCard packages are so cheap that they may as well be free.

Obtaining a SpoofCard to Change Your Caller ID

It does not cost that much money to obtain SpoofCard caller ID services in order to have a little fun. In fact, the smallest SpoofCard package costs around five dollars. SpoofCard packages give men and women the ability to change the caller ID that is shown to a person when the customer calls him or her. However, these are not the only types of features that are available when you purchase services from SpoofCard. For example, men and women have the option of taking advantage of tools that allow them to change the sound of their voice and record the calls that are made with SpoofCard. These are tools that can add to the fun of prank calling friends or family.

Purchasing and Using SpoofCard

After you follow the prompts on the SpoofCard website and purchase the SpoofCard package that you are interested in, you will be given a PIN number. The SpoofCard company should issue you your PIN number by emailing it to you after you make your purchase and provide the required contact information. You will then be able to access your SpoofCard control panel and account. From here, you will be able to record different calls, disguise the sound of your voice and change the caller ID phone number that shows up on the recipient’s caller ID device.

How to Use SpoofCard Services

Contrary to popular device, you can use the services that SpoofCard offers on a wide range of different devices. For example, you can use SpoofCard services to make prank phone calls on a landline phone, your cell phone and even from your computer. You have the ability to change your caller ID number when you use each method. In addition, you can change the sound of your voice and record your phone calls from any device that you can use to make your SpoofCard phone calls. The calls that you make are automatically recorded. They are saved to your control panel. One of the best things about SpoofCard is the fact that you can download .mp3 files of your recorded phone calls from the control panel. In order to change the number that shows up on the recipient’s caller ID, you simply need to enter in the phone number that you want to show up when you are asked for it.