Change Your Voice

Change your Voice with the SpoofCard!

Throughout the long history of phones, devices have been available that allow you to change your voice. Some have worked better than others, and most have come in the form of external devices such as toy voice modulators for comic effects and digital voice changers for a more convincing feel. The Spoof Card eliminates the need for extra gadgetry, allowing you to simply change your voice by taking advantage of the free included feature. Along with the options to fake your caller ID and allow multiple people on a call, SpoofCard’s voice changing features were designed for mischief and intrigue.

Anyone with a mischievous streak, an idle stretch of time, and telephone access has likely experimented with a prank call or two. SpoofCard is an ideal tool for fooling friends and family. The voice changing options let you sound like the other gender, and let younger callers sound more mature when the need arises. Because the function is carried out on the fly, simply by calling with a Spoof Card, the voice changing feature is available regardless of whether you are on your own cell phone, a friend’s, or a land-line telephone.

SpoofCards also allow multiple people on a single call, which can add a new dimension of fun to a prank by increasing either the audience or the number of victims. A good prank is always better with more friends involved. When you make use of the option for multiple people on a call, you eliminate the need to gather your friends around a speaker phone and the risk of someone giggling and giving away the game too soon. The option to record your call means you can relive the entertainment later by accessing the recording through the phone itself or online.

Another function of a Spoof Card is the option to change how your name and number will appear on the recipient’s caller ID. The appeal for this feature goes far beyond mere opportunities to play pranks and cause idle mischief. You can protect your identity, or the identity of the person whose phone you are using, if you need to communicate with someone untrustworthy. More serious uses include information gathered for private investigations, catching unfaithful spouses or lovers, and tricking guilty perpetrators into admitting wrongdoing.

A SpoofCard gives you the freedom of anonymity whenever the need calls for it, whether your purpose is fun or more serious. By letting you change your caller ID and your voice on any phone, as well as offering recording and group call features, SpoofCard proves a versatile tool.