Add Background Noises

The Beauty of Spoof Cards
Spoof cards are amazing devices that change all distinctive information about your phone calls and create false details that will fool everyone! The spoof card gives the ability to change the phone number that appears on the caller ID to a fake number so no one will ever know the true number you are calling from. The card also is also able to record phone calls. Spoof cards also make it possible for you to change your voice, so that not even your mother will recognize your voice! The greatest detail to give your fake call credence is the ability to create false background noises. Even if your location has dead give-away background sounds, no one will be the wiser with the ability to create new sounds.
The beauty of the ability to create a false phone number that will appear on the call recipient’s caller ID screen is that there is no way to trace it back to you. Some other methods that distort the appearance of the true phone number of the incoming calls can be investigated and the true phone number will be revealed. But spoof cards make it impossible to trace the real phone number back to your phone. In fact, the fake phone number will appear on the bill of your call’s recipient!
There are many people who can benefit from being able to change your caller ID. Boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, brothers, sisters, co-workers and bosses may all have reasons for needing to spoof a phone call. There is certain information that might not be able to be gleaned from a phone call in which the recipient knows your true identity. With a spoof card, the information available to you is limitless because no one knows who you are.
If you are a bill collector or private investigator, you may also have the need to fake your caller ID. If the people you are trying to reach know who you are, you obviously will not be able to get the correct information from them. If you use the spoof card to fake the number you are calling from, it will become much easier to get good information on them without them ever know who is truly speaking with them.
There are a many uses for the spoof card, but the ability to change your voice, your caller ID phone number, the background noise and record phone calls will make sure that no one ever knows it is you on the other end of the line!